Who We Are & What We Do

The Bookie Monster is the official tipping service of 2 professional gamblers that have been making significant money individually for 10+ years; and have been betting together with a combined strategy since 2014.

We decided to set up The Bookie Monster, after so many friends and family suggested we should be selling our tips instead of giving them away!

Our strategy has been profitable every year since 2014 and is built upon pain-staking research and statistical analysis. We focus mainly on Horse Racing, and Football.  We also like American Football, Golf and Tennis - and cover other sports too when we find value. Essentially we follow the opportunity, there's no place we won't go, but the Horses and Football are our core.

We firmly believe that a long-term profitable strategy requires hard work and discipline. Without that, it's very easy to lose - that's why the gambling industry is so profitable for the bookies! We put in that hard work every-day and we've built a template for discipline that we stick to through thick and thin.

That's what we offer over and above all of these other tipping services - hard-work and discipline - we put the time in so you don't have to, and we keep it simple and disciplined - unlike these other services that just fire hundreds of tips at punters. It's easy to get lost in all that noise!


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